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Аранжировки - Д.Гинзбург, Студия ИСИ. Запись, сведение - С.Куценко, А.Федотова





Marina Paloma

Marina Paloma


"Love stories"


Music Morna, Fado, Bolero, tango


Tribute to Cesaria Evora


“Imagine that someone has cut to your heart , at first it hurts so much, and, then, more and more….. But, siddenly, the wound begins to heal slowly, and you feel that all will be all right…. Just only that longing is remaining.... This is fado, this is morna”

Marina Paloma


Marina Paloma , a Russian singer, the most romantic voice of Russia, performing the songs that iclude the most part of Cesaria Evora's repertoire and, also, songs in Spanish and Italian. 

A year ago she had great success in Moscow,  winning the title of the best singer of morna after Cesaria Evora. 

"The feelings of all people in the world are common, so the music that I'm singing can easily cross any borders and go directly to the heart of everyone"

Marina was born on the seaside of a southern sea, where the ships arrived from all parts of the world. Since her childhood, still living behind the iron curtain, she could hear and sing songs in different languages.

When Marina started performing in Moscow clubs of amateurs of morna and fado, she was called as Paloma. And this name remained with her till now.

"Only now I can feel free, after I have fulfilled  all my obligations.... From the height of my life experience, this time I can fully devote myself to singing songs of love»


Marina Paloma, Head of the Department of pop-jazz vocal of Institute of Contemporary Art (ISI), Professor, Vocal Producer of Russian Central Television (more than 2000 projects)


Marina Polteva (Kirsanova)

2016 The album "Love Island" Tribut to Cesaria Evora (style: Morneau, fado, bolero, tango)

2013 The album "Revival" Italian, Spanish songs (style: classical crossover)

1991 The album "Christmas" musical. A.Zatsepina, words A.Kostereva

1990 The album "Loop", "Journey to the East" music M.Pahmanova, words M. Tsvtaevoy, R.Tagora, M.Pahmanova. (Style: Mystic rock)

1989 Cycle of songs "Old Bill" music S. Miklashevsky, words L. Vorobkovoy (Style: symphonic pop)



Kirill Zubarev| (ENG/FR/ESP)



Marina Polteva|  


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